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Ofer is a table-top and commercials DOP who is an artist in mastering aesthetic and powerful images. He started as a gaffer, so for him, everything begins with light and from there to framing, movement, and colors. Few years into being a gaffer, he decided to attend film school which later led him to become a DOP. His deep love for aesthetics can be seen in each meticulous frame, which is filled with colors and movement to deliver a story even without using words. He is known for his unique talent for food shooting and for his rare talent to deliver the viewers the sensual food experience through ravishing inspirational frames. Today Ofer shoots with all the major Advertising Agencies and is shooting films, commercials, promos and music videos to all the leading brands, such as Wissotzky, Gad Dairies, Sabon, Angel Bakery, Strauss group and much more.





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